Ricky White

Ricky White

A Passionate Pythonista


Ricky is a passionate Python developer who loves to create dynamic, user-friendly websites and platforms for the modern-day user. As a keen life-long learner, Ricky is not afraid of learning new skills and leveling up his knowledge in order to complete the task at hand. His attention to detail and problem-solving skills help to ensure the release of high-quality products.

Principally, he is the owner of White Lion Media, a digital content creation company. White Lion Media primarily builds and designs websites for individuals and small businesses in need of a web presence so that they can serve their customers and/or grow their business. But they also provide web copywriting services and digital asset creation for their clients.

Ricky is blessed with having many passions and hobbies. He is a martial arts practitioner and instructor who holds a 2nd-degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo. He is also the proud owner of a modest Bonsai collection.

He makes it his mission to learn something new each day and is continually looking to improve himself and become the best role model he can for his kids and for those he teaches.

Some Of The Things I've Built

Websites I've built

Migus Group – New site built with Hugo. Theme customized and custom elements added (for instance logo marquee). – migusgroup.com

MBM Consultants – Redesigned and rebuilt this personal site and blog using Pelican, the Python based static site generator. Deployed to Netlify. – mbmconsultants.co

Dance at Home – New site built from scratch. The design needed to be clean but fun. This was achieved with the video hero and a foxtrot animation on the “Get Started” page. – danceathomenova.com

White-Hall Photography – Site migrated to new server and redesigned. Built with Wordpress. – white-hallphotography.com

The Neighborhood Talk – Site redesigned. Added analytics and adsense integrations. Build with Wordpress. – tnhtalk.com

Personal Projects

Template Snippets: A VS Code Extension – A Python snippet extension for the popular code editor VS Code. Installed over 28k times, and available to download through the official extension marketplace.

PyAnchor –An open source Python package for finding broken links on a website. Includes a CLI. Pip install from PyPi

Movies to Watch – A CRUD-style web app that uses the OMDB API to search and add movies to a user’s dashboard list. Built with Python and Flask. Deployed to Heroku

Track My Kempo – Built with Python and Django, this CRUD app tracks and records martial arts workouts for user's. Deployed to Heroku

Interviews I've Done

Stuff I've Written

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